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Glass – a medium for artists, a medium for communication, forms of expression, techniques

Painted, drilled, sanded, engraved or formed into objects in the fire – glass is a particularly versatile and changeable material that has been valued by artists for many hundreds of years. Not least due to its fascinating properties when interacting with light. It creates mood and atmosphere, and it even tells entire stories, like the ones we know from artistic church glass.

Glass was used in all sorts of ways in architecture, mostly to highlight or cast the ‘right light’ and consciously put the focus on certain elements. Due to the wide range of processing options, it is still used today as a medium for making statements and conveying messages. As a result of our longstanding experience and the vast technical options we have for glass processing, but also with our weakness for that certain something, we offer our artists a partnership on an equal footing. When glass processing is used, we support your project using our skill and natural feel for aesthetics.

Real art is created by real artists

Thierry Boissel

Thierry Boissel

Originally from France, the artist has now lived in Germany for more than 20 years. Since 1991, he has been managing the studio and experimental workshop for glass painting, light and mosaics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

As a freelance artist, he has won numerous competitions and created some wonderful works. With prudent and special dedication, he has devoted himself to glass and its versatility. He has gained a lot of knowledge about the material through his experimental work in the fused glass technique and developed an innovative concept to design of warm glass.

As an artist, he sees a particular challenge in designing rooms with incoming light. His ideas and creations show the various aspects of light and colour and how they interact with each other in the room.


Isabel Blumenröder

Isabel Blumenröder

Since 1983, Isabel has worked on a freelance basis for public institutions and private clients as well as collaborating with architects in Nuremberg.

Glass panel designs and room installations in rooms, light objects, sculptures, individual exhibitions and participation in community projects

Some of her works:
‘Psalm 36.10’ – window Wannbach/Pretzfeld evangelical church

Glass designs at the Neuhaus cemetery chapel

Cross design at the Parish Hall Trinity Church, Nuremberg

Overall artistic concept and glass designs in the Parish Hall Trinity Church, Nuremberg

Glass designs at the Sugenheim cemetery chapel

Glass designs at the Gremsdorf cemetery chapel

Window designs at the Lorch cemetery chapel




At Glas Künzel, we value and support the work of artists. As a competent contact partner, we act as a mouthpiece and tool for artists in order to skilfully turn their creative ideas into reality in the way they have imagined.

Would you like to turn your artistic idea into a reality using glass?
We can offer you advice and support using our craftsmanship and knowledge of art.

Would you like to immortalise some art in your building?
We can mediate between the client and the artist and offer a professional working platform so that together we can turn an idea into reality.