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all-glass installations

from modern to classic

Made entirely of glass…

Indoors and outdoors, produced as a design or functional element, with motifs covering all or part of the surface – all-glass installations offer numerous application possibilities, whether it be in private households as a porch in the entrance area, as a room partition or as wind protection on the terrace or close to the door.

But even in luxury properties, large all-glass installations are ideal for integrating into the interior design, skilfully highlighting the architectural features without having them taking over the space.

They are even making inroads into business premises: Installations made entirely from glass create subtle demarcations in a waiting room or reception area, whilst still retaining the expanse of a larger room. Bright and airy rooms despite the subtle partitioning – they work well both in public institutions and in offices, doctors surgeries or law firms.

All-glass installations from modern to classic… we can advise, plan and assemble your dreams made of glass!

All-glass installation from textured glass with fluted bevel

All-glass installation as a waiting area with sandblasting as a privacy screen, glass counter panelling

Room partitioning with sliding doors and laser-engraved emblems

Large-scale partitioning by means of a glass installation finished with glass painting