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lacquered glass

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Now it gets colourful!

For a number of years now, painted glass panels are being used more and more in interior design. As kitchen or shower splashbacks, for front door glazing or for setting colour accents indoors and outdoors painted glass offers several options. As a colour shade, almost all the RAL and NCS colour shades are processed with safety glass as well.

Depending on what’s required and what the intended purpose is, we can add a painted finish to the glass giving it a smoother or shinier surface, or even a more satin or matt surface. Sandblasted decor or fluted bevels can result in elegant wall or door surfaces, which can be integrated into the colour scheme of a wide variety of designs.

Lacquered glass element

Lacquered glass in combination with laser motif as a glass sliding door

Lacquered glass, backlit with LED stripes, in the Schwabach Business Centre

Lacquered glass combined with large mirror